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Brooktronics Engineering Corporation

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Brooktronics Engineering Corp. is recognized worldwide as a leader in the brush plating industry. Brooktronics Engineering has specialized in the development and manufacture of the Brooktron Process of Brush Plating since 1960. The Brooktron Process of Brush Plating is a highly advanced process for brush plating, brush anodizing and other brush plating, electrofinishing and selective plating processes.

Brooktronics Engineering Corp. provides brush plating services worldwide to satisfy your brush plating outsourcing requirements. Additionally Brooktronics Engineering provides certified training in brush plating applications including MIL-STD-865 MIL-STD-2197 AMS 2451 and consulting on brush plating  issues. Also known as Stylus Plating, Electrochemical Metalizing, Brush Electroplating, On-Site Plating and Portable Electroplating.

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